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“Owning our story and loving ourselves through the process is the greatest thing we will ever do.” Brené Brown

Women's Issues


Mindful: Getting off Auto Pilot and Living Life as if it Matters

Self-Care Houston, Episode 15: Micki Fine joins Jennifer in a conversation about the importance of developing mindful daily living: "Waking up to life and what it means to be fully human." Micki is the founder and director of Mindful Living and pioneer of mindfulness in Houston, Texas.  She is the author…
self-care for therapists

Micro Self-Care for Therapists (and other Healing Professionals)

Self-Care Houston, Episode 14: In this solo podcast, Jennifer Christian shares micro self-care practices for therapists and other healing professions (physicians, spiritual leaders, etc). Jennifer introduces tiny little practices to sprinkle throughout the day that reduce the possibility of burnout and build resilience during times of crisis. Subscribe in iTunes.…
Randi Rubenstein Self-Care for Moms

Self-Care for Moms

Self-Care Houston, Episode 13: Randi Rubenstein joins Jennifer in a conversation about self-care and what that means as a mom. Randi and Jennifer talk about their own experiences as moms and how they continue to learn what self-care looks like in the context of a marriage and family. Randi is…
Building Trust

Building Trust in a Culture of Distrust

[caption id="attachment_1513" align="aligncenter" width="658"] Photo by Michael Quinn[/caption] Self-Care Houston, Episode 12: Dr. Jeff Christian joins Jennifer in a conversation about how to build communities of trust within a larger culture that cultivates distrust. How can we build resilient practices into our marriages, families, and local communities that will help…
Jennifer Christian Shame Resilience

Anxiety and Shame Resilience

  Self-Care Houston, Episode 11: In this solo podcast, Jennifer Christian continues her discussion about anxiety from Episode 10, Anxiety Cycle. Jennifer discusses how building emotional regulation muscles and practicing shame resilience add to the self-care toolbox. Subscribe in iTunes. [caption id="attachment_1494" align="alignright" width="350"] Yerkses Dodson Curve[/caption] Resources from this Episode:…
Jennifer Christian Anxiety Cycle

Anxiety Cycle

Self-Care Houston, Episode 10: In this solo podcast, Jennifer Christian shares her journey with anxiety/panic attacks. Jennifer talks about where anxiety comes from and how we get caught in anxiety cycles. Subscribe in iTunes. Resources from this Episode: Kelly McGonigal TED Talk, "Make Stress Your Friend." Mark Williams' Mindfulness Meditations, "Finding…
Making Meaningful Decisions

Making Meaningful Decisions

Self-Care Houston, Episode 9: Kathleen Straker joins Jennifer in a conversation about a process of decision making that brings joy to life in a way that aligns with your values. Kathleen works with students from around the globe through her learning strategies workshops and individual academic coaching sessions. She has also…
Brene Brown Trust

The Anatomy of Trust

Healthy relationships are built by cultivating trust. But, what does that mean? In her recent talk, "The Anatomy of Trust," Dr. Brené Brown shares key components that are the hallmarks of trusting relationships with others and with yourself. In her talk, Brené shares Charles Feltman's “most beautiful definition of trust:" "Trust is…
Shannon McLain Sleep


Self-Care Houston, Episode 8: Shannon McLain joins Jennifer in a conversation about sleep and intentional practices that can improve sleep. Shannon is a  mind-body medicine practitioner and certified health and wellness coach at The Center for Intentional Healing. Subscribe in iTunes. Resources from this episode: 4-7-8 Breathing Five Minute Journal Healing Night: The…
Elizabeth Haberer Thrive Trauma Informed Yoga

Thrive Trauma Informed Yoga

Self-Care Houston, Episode 7: Elizabeth Haberer joins Jennifer in a conversation about Thrive Trauma Informed Yoga. Trauma Informed Yoga can increase connection with the breath, enabling the brain to become less aroused, and relaxation to begin. A yoga practice partners beautifully with specialized trauma therapies such as EMDR, Emotional Dysregulation,…