Individual Counseling
Individual CounselingOur world can sometimes feel hurried and out of balance. We may find ourselves feeling lost or confused about the direction our life is headed. Some struggle with a past that continues to sneak in and upset the present. Counseling can be one avenue to address and make positive changes to these types of concerns.

Do you struggle with:

  • overwhelming stress?
  • balancing priorities and demands?
  • balancing wants and needs?
  • adjusting or coping with a life event or transition, like beginning or graduating from college, losing a job, getting married or divorced?
  • saying “no” to others’ requests?
  • asking for what you want or need?
  • regulating your emotions?
  • feeling depressed or anxious?
  • irrational thoughts?
  • poor self-esteem?
  • negative body-image?

My aim is to create a compassionate, supportive, collaborative environment that allows for creative exploration and healing. I offer individual, couples, and premarital counseling. My approaches include Compassion Focused, EMDR, Emotion Focused, Motivational Interviewing, Neuroscience, Cognitive Behavioral, Solutional Focused, Shame Resilience, and Existentialism.

I am honored to share in your healing journey in a safe and confidential environment. I am familiar with a wide range of issues including relationship concerns, anxiety, depression, shame resilience, stress and anger management, grief and loss, transitions, and crises of faith.

Couples Counseling

Couples CounselingSo many times I see two people in front of me that love each other, but ironically neither of them are feeling loved. It’s in the communication. Couples who are caught in the grip of negative interactions can learn to relate to each other, through evidence-based counseling, in a deeper and more meaningful way. I am often surprised how quickly change can begin with two willing parties.

Emotion Focused Therapy offers a comprehensive theory of adult love and attachment, as well as a process for healing distressed relationships. It recognizes that relationship distress results from a perceived threat to basic adult needs for safety, security, and closeness in intimate relationships. Long term change happens when couples understand the source of their negative interactions and experience a different way of relating and connecting to each other.

Couples are often stuck in negative, self-reinforcing patterns of communication and relating. When we can stop long enough to recognize these patterns, the patterns become the enemy not your partner. It is then that you and your partner can team up and fight the enemy together and get your marriage back to happy.

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